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What is PACE municipal energy efficient project financing and what it means to you!
PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy Funds) are municipal and government fund to pay for home improvements (Energy efficient Roofs, HVAC & Solar) That lessen the dependence of energy by the consumer and community.

Pace is not only for Solar roofing. Request More Info

PACE allows homeowners to voluntarily make improvements to their homes that reduce their gas, electric and water bills. Instead of requiring homeowners to pay for these upgrades up front, PACE allows the upgrades to be paid for through property taxes over 20 years.

If a homeowner moves, the obligation to pay for the project typically stays with the home and is assumed by the new buyer unlike any other form of financing.

This policy is simple, low-risk and market-based. PACE is a California success story in an area where we urgently need to make progress. The program works because it helps transform the right choice into the easy choice. Californians may not necessarily think about energy savings or environmental impacts when picking a new air conditioning system.

But with PACE they now have the option to select the most efficient product even if it costs more initially, helping California to meet its clean energy targets. And in the process, PACE is creating thousands of new, local jobs as these energy upgrades are made to buildings throughout the state.

This is FHA insured and President Obama endorses this as the best finance mechanism in history.

Top reasons to do an energy efficient improvement to your home, rental or commercial property.
  1. Can write off 100% of the project in your federal income taxes. (Speak to your tax advisor)
  2. Loan is based off your property assessment through an automated system.
  3. It not go on your personal credit report. Isnt based off of your FICO or credit history and requires almost no documentation.
  4. Increases the value of your property significantly and loan is easily transferable to new owner.
  5. Lowers your energy bill by up to 60%.
  6. Its good for the economy and environment.
  7. It allows you to save your front pocket capital and get the best possible roof compared to our competitors.
  8. Allows you the maximum benefit for a project.

Does your property qualify? Fill out the simple form and we will contact you with your approval amount. Again this isnt based off of your credit at all. So the information you are requesting isnt a ding on your credit report.
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