Early Problem Detection

Spring is here and what better way to show your home some love than by calling a Marin County Roofing Contractor to complete a roofing inspection? This will allow you to rest assured that your roof will protect your home from the elements throughout the year unless severe weather or accidental damages occur between that time period. A professional roofer will observe the essential components of your roofing system and diagnose any problems in a safe and efficient way.

Catching Problems When They’re Small

As we previously stated, a Marin County Roofer knows that problems typically won’t happen unexpectedly unless a severe storm, natural disaster, or accident is the cause. The age of a roofing system and neglect are usually the main causes for a roof repair or replacement. It is suggested that you have your roof inspected at least once a year, and after any troublesome storm that passes through your city. Problems can get ugly fast, for instance, curling, buckled, and warped shingles are more prone to allowing wind-driven rain to get beneath them that can lead to the following damages and issues:

  1. Roof Sheathing
  2. Insulation
  3. Drywall
  4. Mold Growth
  5. Structural Instability

“A roof replacement can be a costly investment, but, when inspections and minor repairs are not routinely made other related costs can quickly result”, says a Marin County Roof Repair expert. This is especially the case when a business is affected. If product inventories are destroyed then setbacks, lost sales, and disgruntled customers are the result which is not good for a business’s profits and reputation. Very few companies drive enough commerce to sustain shutting down for an extended amount of time without experiencing detrimental effects. In the situation of a homeowner, damages can be severe enough that you may not be capable to use or access part(s) of your home throughout the renovation process which can be a nuisance to you and your family.