Roofing Basics

Every homeowner should know a thing or two about their roof. If you own your home long enough you will need to repair or replace your roof in order to maintain its performance and appearance. However, before plunging into the process of installing a new roof, it is essential to understand what to expect with … Read more

Early Problem Detection

Spring is here and what better way to show your home some love than by calling a Marin County Roofing Contractor to complete a roofing inspection? This will allow you to rest assured that your roof will protect your home from the elements throughout the year unless severe weather or accidental damages occur between that time period. … Read more

Protect Your Home with Gutter Guards

If you own your home or rent there are always some things that will leave you wondering. You can usually chalk it up to normal things like the heat coming up or next store neighbor noise, but what if it’s coming from your gutters? If you never clean out your gutters or haven’t even looked … Read more

Roofing Advice with Your Local San Rafael Roofer

The thought of roof damage is enough to cause nightmares, but it’s something you will eventually have to think about at least once as a homeowner. Executing good decisions is essential in circumventing the long-term costs of this restoration, so that’s the primary step when you’re looking to hire a San Rafael Roofer. Next, you’ll have … Read more

Spotting Roof Leaks with a San Rafael Roofer

Have you noticed water marks on your ceiling? Unless there’s a problem with your water pipes you may have a sizeable roof problem says one veteran San Rafael Roofer. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a leak unless you are replacing the entire roof. The source of a leak cannot be determined from where you … Read more

Are Your Gutters Working Properly?

Fall is an opportune time to make sure your guttering system is clean from debris and functioning properly. Just one inch of rain creates hundreds of gallons of water that need to be diverted away from a building toprevent many critical components such as your roof, fascia, soffit, and foundation from beingdamaged. As a Petaluma Roofer , … Read more

Check Your Roof After The 2017 Sonoma County Storm

Even though the 2017 Sonoma County storm has passed doesn’t mean you are out of danger yet…Your roof may still be in bad shape so haveNorth Bay Roofing inspect it for you!707-591-9288 Sonoma County415-497-1714 Marin CountyAfter hours 24/7 emergency leak numberCall Damien @ 707-529-7774

Santa Rosa Roofer: 2017 Flash Flood Help

As a Santa Rosa roofer, we'll have emergency leak crews on the job all weekend, covering customers' homes with plastic tarps.

Santa Rosa Roofer For Emergency Roofing Help If you or a loved one’s roof is leaking Call Us! Northbay Roofing & Gutters, A Santa Rosa roofer, will have emergency leak crews out there putting tarps on for folks all weekend. 24/7 Hope everyone’s having a Happy New Year and stay dry, this is going to … Read more