Cleaning Tips for the Outside of Gutters

We generally spend a significant amount of time in the autumn cleaning and emptying our gutters, preparing ourselves and our homes for the next rainy and snowy season. However, how frequently do we pay attention to exterior cleaning and gutter repair in Petaluma? A beautiful house must not only be clean on the inside, but it must also be nice on the outside.

You may have an appealing property with excellent landscaping, a curved driveway, and large expanses of lush green grass; yet, one dirty feature will set your home apart from the others. As a result, while cleaning the inside of your gutters is essential, you should also clean the outside.

Dirty and discolored gutters will detract from the curb appeal of your property. Water pouring from the gutter’s margins as a result of overflow and leaves can cause stains and markings. Furthermore, moisture on the external surface of your gutters stimulates mold development and propagation, blackening the whole surface and giving it a nasty appearance.

Fortunately, dirt and stains on the gutter surface may be removed using specialist cleaning products like paint thinner or a multipurpose solvent. Knowing the right goods isn’t enough; you also need to know how and where to utilize them to get the most out of them. Here are a few tips for cleaning the outside of your gutters effectively.

Utilize Cleaning Agents

Gutter cleaning detergents or solvents branded TSP-PF should be used. TSP-PF is an abbreviation for Trisodium Phosphate-Phosphate-free, which means that the product has the cleaning and degreasing qualities of Trisodium Phosphate but does not include Phosphates.

To make, put one-quarter cup TSP-PF and three-quarters cup boiling water in a mixing bowl. After thoroughly mixing, apply the mixture to the outside surface of the gutters with a soft-bristled brush or cloth and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Protect the landscaping by draping a plastic sheet over the plants that surround the house.

Vinegar (White)

Most people are unaware that they may make a range of cleaning solutions in their own homes. White vinegar, also known technically as ‘Acetic Acid,’ is an inexpensive and widely accessible home cleanser. Before you begin, clear your gutters of any dried leaves or debris to ensure they are clear of blockages. After capping and blocking the downspouts, make a solution of warm water and acetic acid and pour it into the gutters. Allow the mixture to rest in the gutters for an hour before removing it. The gutters should then be properly rinsed with a garden hose pipe. Scrub away any leftover filth, as well as any more grime, with a brush.


You may also use liquid detergent to clean and restore the look of your gutters. This cleaning solution should only be used on vinyl gutters. Even washing vinyl gutters, liquid detergent alone will not enough. In two gallons of water, mix half a cup of household liquid detergent and half a cup of bleach. Using a stiff brush or a piece of cloth, clean the outside surface of your gutters with this solvent. Allow the mixture to sit for 10-15 minutes before cleaning the gutters with a garden hose and sprayer nozzle.

Keep the Following Points in Mind:

  • Rinse the dirt away with warm water. Continue washing and rinsing as you go because if dirt and soap dry together, they can cling to the surface, making cleaning much more difficult.
  • Thoroughly inspect your gutters before picking a cleaning product. If the dirt is really severe, apply a stronger TSP-PF solution.
  • Before you begin, pre-spray the gutters to loosen debris and eliminate dust.
  • Use gloves, coveralls, and eye protection to protect yourself from bleach and other harsh chemicals.

Use these easy techniques to clean your gutters from the inside out, because filthy gutters on your home look just as terrible as a beautiful clothing with a nasty stain. I wish you all the best with your cleaning! To obtain a free inspection and quotation from a reliable Petaluma roofing contractor, call Northbay Roofing and Gutter Co. at (707) 591-9288.