Do You Need a New Roof This Year?

A new year delivers an opportunity for a new beginning, especially when we are talking about your home! While some home renovation projects are blatantly obvious (such as plumbing or AC issues), problems on the exterior of your home are not always as easy to identify for a homeowner like they are for a professional San Rafael roofer.

Roofing Pro Tip: One simple way to acknowledge if your roof has reached the end of its life is to request a professional inspection with a premier Marin County Roof Repair Contractor. Our experts will determine how many additional years you can anticipate out of your current roof system, or if it should be replaced immediately.

The roof is one place that is prone to homeowner oversight. Since a lot of it is unseen, it tends to also be out of mind. Missing the indicative warning signs that your roof could really use some maintenance can be a very costly mistake. If you have a large amount of missing and broken shingles; or metal flashing, then it may be time for a new roof. Remember, regular and routine maintenance will help you prolong the life of your roof!


Replacing a roof on any residence is a considerable job, which is why we devote entire crews to it. Customers in Marin County, some of whom may be your neighbors, have already learned why NorthBay is the TOP San Rafael Roofing and Gutter Contractor in California. Ready to get things started? Reach out and give our friendly staff a call or contact us online today.