When to Have a Gutters Pro Clean and Service Your Gutters

You might be surprised to learn that it does not take much to clog the gutters on your home, which is why you need a Willits Gutters pro. In fact, very little debris such as leaves and pine needles can start a blockage that can prohibit water from flowing to the downspouts. Eventually, it begins to dump over the gutter edges and then to the ground, possibly into your basement and the foundation of your home.

For this reason alone, it is very important to clean and maintain your gutters. Otherwise, you could end up with these problems:

  • Damaged fascia, soffit, and exterior siding
  • Ruined landscaping
  • Basement water damage
  • Foundation damage

You Might Be Thinking… When Should I Have My Gutters Cleaned?

For the bulk of property owners throughout the country, twice a year is the correct answer. The best times are in the fall just after most of the leaves have dropped, and then again in the spring to get anything left from the fall and winter. A great idea is to match it up with a different DIY seasonal maintenance project for your home such as:

  • When you have your roof inspected by a Willits Roofing Contractor
  • Substituting the smoke detectors batteries
  • Rotating the tires of your vehicle
  • Swapping burnt out exterior light bulbs
  • At daylight savings changes


Maintaining healthy gutters is a significant task if you want to stop other areas of your home from being damaged. If you are not comfortable or able to clean and maintain your gutters on your own, our gutter experts know how to get the job done right the first time.