Spotting Roof Leaks with a San Rafael Roofer

Have you noticed water marks on your ceiling? Unless there’s a problem with your water pipes you may have a sizeable roof problem says one veteran San Rafael Roofer. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a leak unless you are replacing the entire roof. The source of a leak cannot be determined from where you see stains because water can travel 8-10 feet or more from its original point of entry. In fact, you probably won’t ever even notice a small leak because it will probably be absorbed before it ever shows up in plain sight with the long distances it can travel.

San Rafael Roofing Contractor will follow these steps when identifying a leaks entry point:

  • First off they are going to examine the drainage system because a clogged drain usually means there’s standing water, particularly on flat roofs. A roof is built to remove water as quickly as possible while keeping the interior dry and comfortable.

  • “A weak or vulnerable area is going to be the greatest common leak source”, says a San Rafael Roof Repair expert. Often referred to as penetrations, these weak places are usually caused by alterations that were sealed improperly after the roof was already installed.

  • Inspect the attic next to get closer to the leaks point of entry. A good thing to remember is that ductwork and plumbing problems can appear as a roof leak and should also be inspected. Look for visible signs of daylight in the attic, missing nails leave holes that are unsealed for water to trickle into.

  • Think back if there were any contractors on your roof working since the last time a San Rafael roofing contractor was up there? They could have installed equipment that required drilling holes and if they weren’t sealed properly then water is going to enter.

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